A dropdown menu on the top right corner allows to view/modify settings related to the target board:



Board name

Show the board SVG pinout


Show the board constraints configuration file


Open board/device datasheet in the sytem web browser

View board rules

Show rules of the board

Toggle board rules

Enable/disable rules of the board

Change board

Select a different board

Board rules (see Board Rules) allow to automate tasks such as default port connections or default pin values. For example:

  • Connectint all unconnected clk ports to the internal CLK signal.

  • Turn all unused LEDs off.

When a board is selected, all I/O blocks are updated and the values are reset.


The configuration sources of board are stored in constraints. In order to support a new board, create a new directory with the info.json, pinout.* and pinout.* (optional) files. pinout.json MUST be generated from the pinout.* using the script.